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NovaData Solutions provides data informatics, computational chemistry and molecular modeling services and expertise, adding value to your research

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning

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Guided predictive analytics enables discovery scientists to bring key biological data together to design optimized molecules. You can use machine learning and AI to improve drug design today!

Data Science

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Turning your data into valuable business insights is easier today than ever before. We offer comprehensive training in data science from novice to advanced users. Let us help you along your journey in data science.

Data science KNIME consultant
hit identification virtual screening

Virtual Screening

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Search accessible chemical space to find analogues to your hit series, or discovery new chemical starting points for your novel target. Are you ready to find chemically tractable novel molecules?

Structure based design


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Idea generation for lead molecule optimisation can appear straightforward, however compound prioritisation is challenging. Looking for rational design to guide your decision making?

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Chemical Knowledge

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NovaData Solutions utilises a suite of state-of-the-art cheminformatics toolkits. Want to make sense of your chemical data and turn your information into a valuable asset?


Biological Knowledge

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Our bioinformatics platform helps researchers understand of evolutionary aspects of molecular biology. Particularly biological pathways, networks and molecular structure. Want to find out more?