Bioinformatics and Protein Modelling at NovaData

NovaData Solutions utilises a suite of state-of-the-art protein modelling and bioinformatics work processes to help guide protein engineering and structure-based design.

At NovaData Solutions we have extensive expertise in protein modelling, bioinformatics and predictive modelling. With a specialised suite of tools our goal is to work closely with you to understand your biological data to support your research interests.  Our capabilities include:

- Protein Engineering
- Whole Protein and Interface Visualization and Analysis
- Protein-Protein Docking
- Antibody and Fusion Protein Modeler
- Protein Surface and Properties
- Mutation and Rotamer Exploration
- Multiple Sequence/Structure Alignment and Analysis
- Homology Modelling Protein Geometry Quality Assessment
- Protein Flexibility and Plasticity Modelling
- Cryptic Pocket Detection and Drug-ability Scoring
- Advanced Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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